Saturday, November 29, 2008

a boy with diabetes

I bumped into a mom who is suffering with the weight of having a toddler who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. God, I know it is your character to heal this boy. Bring your powerful Grace to this family. Pour out Your heart on this family and give them a miracle for Christmas dear Jesus!!!

man prays to God for first time Miracle 7

I am not really the one to share this but I asked if I could include it...I did get the move of the Spirit to intercede on this one...and it is really good! A man who never talked about Jesus before and rejected religion entirely was released to freedom. It moved him to tears to hear the message of Grace and he prayed for the first time ever. The message of Grace: God accepts you now and doesn't need you to DO anything to earn His favor is SOOOO powerful.....Praise you Jesus!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Woman at the Well

The woman at the well from John 4 got a miracle. She was looking for love and after 5 husbands and the current lover her soul was parched. Jesus talked with her even though it was against societal standards. How many of us are willing to talk to the social outcasts in our area. Aren't they the neediest of all? Grace is for the needy after all. It gets even better. Jesus knew she needed a drink of his love that would not make her thirsty ever again. I know the feeling: God touched me and satiated my heart with love and I know it is real and permanent and I will never go back to not being able to feel love again. So like the woman at the well I am going and telling everyone. And like the people who heard the testimony: they will go to Jesus and hear the truth for themselves from Him that will set them free and they will believe. So don't believe just from my testimony. Like them , "Now we have heard for ourselves and we know that Jesus really is the Savior of the world."

3 Miracles I need help with

There are two boys who are paralyzed that God put right in front of my face: one just as He was telling me to find a child in need of a miracle and there he was being walked in a wheelchair right in front of my eyes. Jesus, we all stand together asking for a miracle for these boys the Christmas. The woman walking the boy I think is a local doctor and I explained that God wanted to give the boy I think his name was Nathan a miracle and she said that they needed overnight help. I prayed the kingdom of God over him and declared that God wanted to totally heal him. Please help me in this pursuit of a miracle. Maybe put his name on you fridge and pray this Christmas season for God to heal him. God does miraclese and we get to be a part of it.
The second one I am asking for help with is a boy who lives near us. Trevor. He needs healing in his soul and healing in his eyes. The therapy cost is $6000 God can provide the money. I am praying that He will heal his eyesight completley and pour out His love into Trevor's soul to heal his wounded heart. Please join me in praying for him this Christmas.
The third one is Chip our UPS driver. He needs healing in his body and God has already begun a work in Chip because unbeknownst to me Karl and his class have been praying for Chip all last year and this year. I told Chip that and he said he does need a miracle for physical healing in his body. It is urgent and God is going to do this miracle. Pray for opportunites for me to release the power of God's grace to Chip.

relief for heartache Miracle 6

There is a mighty warrior for the kingdom of God D.P. who has been in a fierce battle in her home. Demonic realms are tormenting her day and night. She stands firm in Christ...but just like kidney stone pain for me there comes a point when you need relief. God told me plainly in the middle of my pain: "When you are in so much pain it is hard to see you own personal breakthrough that is why we need the body to help us." So D.P. needed a spiritual i.v. and we prayed for her and saw little breakthrough but in my spirit I knew that God is the kind of God that wants to give her relief. I will not give the detail of how this went down but she got much needed relief and God released a word: (in relation to it all being over soon" "it is just around the corner." Praise be to Jesus. RAMAH NISI!

anointing revealed/freed from fear of kidney stone pain Miracle 4

This is a good one: A young girl is sick and no one can figure out what it is after mutliple tests. God uses me to release her to her destiny. She has a POWERFUL anointing to release the creativity of God to those around her to bring hope. We cannot see into the spiritual realm to see how the act of anointing her affected the supernatural all around us but it was powerful enough to land me in the hospital with kidney stones which by the way I should add to the miracle list because I went through the pain with no fear at all. Praise be to Jesus! We hit a big spirit and it fell.

released to love Miracle 5

ME! God did a miracle in my heart. I have wanted this miracle for my whole life even if I didn't know it. I have been searching for love. I tried to find it in many ways through parents, boyfriends, best friends, my husband, my children but I couldn't really feel love and began not to be able to really truly love my husband. This week God broke down the resistance and defensiveness of my heart in a simple vision from Margaret, my sister in Christ. When she told me the vision something happened in my heart. It is kind of like an arrow penetrated and cracked the hard coating and love poured out. I started crying and sobbing and then laughing and laughing and telling Tim I love you I love you I love you. I cannot put into words what it felt like to love. I am in love with my husband overnight because of the power of God reaching down to me and setting me free.
It gets even better:
I asked for prayer from Todd and Dawn, pastors of Healing Grace Ministries. They spoke the truth of Jesus finished work on the cross and God released a simple word: God is your defense Kara. WHOOSH!!! The power of God fell on me like no other time. There are hardly words to describe the relief God flooded my soul with. I had a kidney stone two nights before and when I went to the ER and they gave me an iv for pain I got relief. However the feeling God gave me was 100 x more "feel good" physically my body was just oooohhhhhh...His presence feels soooooo goooood. But the presence and words from God come with power to live out in your every day life and I am already seeing the effects of that in my relationship with Tim. As someone said to me well, the proof will be in the pudding: I respond, "That is where faith comes in" I believe that God miraculously healed my heart and marriage in two encounters with His love and grace and power. Wow. Thank you Jesus Praise You Jesus. You love me enough to heal me!!!!!!!!

wounded hearts Miracles 2 and 3

As a group we told a couple about the grace message and the man was healed in his soul from being wounded as a child and released to his destiny to heal wounded children through Jesus love. The woman was freed from a NASTY spirit of fear that left and the presence of God reached in and touched her in power!

Debilitating pain GONE Day before day 1

God led me to pray for Bob Murphy a man who you will see at BJs in Greenfield working as the greeter/receipt checker. He has been suffering from excruciating pain. God told me to go unbeknownst to me the day following the day he felt like giving up because the pain was too bad and no one knew how to help him physically or spiritually. I preached the message of grace, prayed for him and the PAIN LEFT. ALL of it left and has not returned!!!! This is where the Pay it Forward concept comes in. He is telling everyone he sees about his Jesus who healed him miraculously. He gave testimony before a large church He calls everyone he knows and He tells people as they pass through BJs. He said they pull off to the side to hear his testimony if there is a line. I believe that the 40 people have already been touched but I know my God and He wants to touch more people through me and I welcome that.

40 Days 40 People 40 Ways

This is an adventure in miracles. God told me He was going to do 40 miracles up until Christmas this year. It started off with a bang! More than I expected has happened and with the concept of Pay it Forward it is already exceeded 40 but the stories are fascinating every one.

They are all a result of the message of Grace. Jesus died for you, paid for your freedom from sin, gave you His right/ness, you don't have to try any longer to meet requirements, He rose again to give you power over stongholds in your thinking and feelings that keep you from receiving the overflow of love and power you have always dreamed of in the Spirit filled life.

This message is so REAL that when preached and taken hold of minds emotions and bodies are HEALED by the power of God's acceptance and love.