Saturday, December 27, 2008

With this I close this blog

Fascinating how God works...this started one way and ended another. I thought 40 miracles and I got a mission in recording what I see God do, new definitions for miracle, and the prophetic insight to the power of the testimony and power for the keepers of the testimonies!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

daughter in her own bed Miracle 23

For 5 1/2 years I have tried unsuccessfully to get my daughter to sleep on her own. It has been VERY frustrating for me. I gave up hope that I would ever have my own space to sleep in. God recently revealed what was going on in her room that caused her fear and my husband and I each nightmares any time we slept in that room. With friends and Joy we all "swept the room clean" Since 8 nights ago my daughter has had no more fear in that room. I have been trying to get her to sleep on her own but with little success and a lot of sleeplessness on my part. God released me to freedom from hopelessness two nights ago and it only took that one night to train her to sleep in her room. Last night she did not get up once! I SLEPT IN MY BED ALL NIGHT LONG WITHOUT HER for the first time since I can remember! Thank you Jesus!

healed from restless leg syndrome Miracle 22

I have suffered from RLS for years. I am becoming accustomed to God's healing power so instead of taking medication the past two nights I suffered through the "torture" and pressed into God for my healing. Each night I received revelation about where this spirit of restlessness comes on me. Both nights I went go from a 0 to a 10 in one second when a certain thing occurs. I continued in prayer praise reading meditating pleading for hours the first night and one hour last night. Each night I was released when I declared a certain passage of scripture and meditated on the blessings and promises to me in Ezekiel. I am going to continue to receive healing IF restlessness comes on me again but it is a wonder that I could have the symptoms of RLS disappear through meditation on truth instead of medication. With medication I am tied to that every night. This way there is hope of not only healing of RLS but healing of the soul issues that cause the symptoms to occur. Praise you Jesus!

another lesson in the miraculous

I have been reading the testimonies of miracles on Bill Johnson's Bethel Church in Redding CA website. God wants us to record what we see like John said in the Bible " I recorded what I saw.." I realized that this 40 days has been a lot about teaching me how to record what I see God doing. On this website testimonies are posted from even other churches. I knew that it couldn't be right that this 40 days was all about me but I couldnt figure out how this would all work until now... I am going to be posting some miracles that I collect from other people in our area and from some associated churches. This has been a fun lesson in the miraculous. It feels like a miracle to me to be writing because since I was a little girl I have always known that I would be a writer!

miser turned blesser Miracle 21

A friend was overtaken with bitterness toward a man who was treating him unfairly. I am keeping the details private but the story is an amazing one. This was my friends worst week of his life. He had done something remarkable and instead of being appreciated he was being reamed out. My friend prayed for two days and couldn't shake this resentment. So finally he told God I will not stop praying until this spirit leaves me. 45 minutes later he found himself declaring praise to God that this resentment was not a part of who he is. He declared that his heart was perfect toward this man because his spirit was righteous in God's eyes because of the finished work on the Cross of Christ. Instantly he was freed from the feelings of bitterness. 20 minutes later he received a phone call from the man. The man showered him with blessing and appreciation. Praise God that when we come in line with our true identity in Christ the enemy cannot hold us and God will also release others around us!

a child's back Healing 20

My son's back was hurting after a sliding incident. I prayed for him and asked him to declare that he agreed God wanted to heal his back. He said, "I agree." Then he said, "Do you think I have to shout it out?" I said no. Immediately his back felt better. I kept asking him and he had been totally healed! Jesus loves the little children!

money duplicated Healing 19

A friend was approached about giving money charitably. He had the thought to give $50 but he had already designated it for something else charitable but decided that God would provide for both. He gave the $50 not knowing where the other money would come from. That day or the next he received a random check in the mail for $50! Nothing like that had ever happened to him before and he was thrilled! Praise Jesus!

freed from anxiety Healing 18

A friend was driving in the city and his car started acting like it was going to break down. This would normally cause him severe anxiety but God released him to a new truth that his "safe place" was not at home but anywhere God is and my friend was free from anxiety. He called not for the anxiety but the car. I prayed and the car stopped acting funny and ran smoothly from then on.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

boy healed of fever Healing 17

Praise you Jesus....I am thrilled to share this testimony. Normally in the past when my son would get a fever and chills it turned into an asthmatic attack which caused me to freak out when he would even slightly shiver. This day I realized that it was a spirit of retaliation from the day. All day he had been attacked with visions of seeing himself receiving a shot like at the doctors office. These visions were really upsetting for him. We prayed and saw little relief. That evening he suddenly came down with chills and a fever and a headache. As I looked at the situation from a spiritual perspective not a physical one I had peace instead of anxiety. I realized that the enemy was retaliating against us because of what I taught them in school that morning. Jesus was sleeping in the boat during the storm. The disciples woke him to rescue them. Jesus really wanted them to use their own "badge" as I decribed to the kids of authority but He rescued them despite their immature faith in who they really were. Our enemy did not want Will to understand and live out the truth of his role in Kingdom warfare. My friend was led to pray for Will and teach him about our spiritual armor which by the way is already on permanently. Look it up in the Greek. It is fascinating. Anyway I prayed against spirits of retaliation that do not want my son to walk in Jesus deliverance power. He is totally fever free!!!! Praise you Jesus.

home life Healing 16

Jesus is so faithful!!!! He revealed something personal that affects our family life every day and we received a cleansing in that area of our home life and are filled with hope for our future family life.. too personal but definately a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from despair to hope Healing 15

I had been praying for a friend and when I saw her she melted into tears. For her privacy I will not say what her heartache was but when I prayed for her I realized that God had already shown me I would be praying this way for her ahead of time so I was filled with confidence in her heart being restored to hope. She expressed that she felt hopeful and the weight was lifted. Jesus continue to heal her heart. I saw a plaque that said Jesus not only hears your words He reads your heart. Jesus love heals the broken hearted.

click in knee healed Healing 14

A man had clicking in his knee that God healed and now he can walk freely!!! Praise you Jesus!!!

shoulder healed Healing 13

Jesus healed a woman who had proof with xrays. The doctor was dumbfounded at the "disappearance" of the problem in her shoulder. This woman declared her healing was from prayer and the power of Jesus grace!!! Praise God B can drive and work!!!

healed shoulder Miracle 12

At church a week ago I saw a woman healed in her shoulder. It was amazing to see her go from pain for months to no pain in minutes and it lasted the week . There was a time in the week that the enemy tried to steal the healing with guilt and condemnation and the pain returned as soon as she received the word that she was over using the arm. But when she declared the truth that Jesus took her condemnation and she is righteous in Him...the pain left immediately. Praise Jesus!

debilitating headaches healed Miracle 9-11

Bob bumped into his doctor and told him that he receives healing when I pray for him. His doctor said that they can't do anything for him so he may as well keep calling me since it is working. So Bob does call and every time receives healing. I don't understand why the pain returns but Praise Jesus for loving Bob and healing him!!! Jesus do a deeper healing in his soul that will result in complete healing.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've learned so much

This 40 days is teaching me a lot. Praise you Jesus for teaching me this week that I can focus on You. Joseph Prince has an amazing teaching on the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse that showed me the Israelites in the wilderness camped in the shape of a cross all with their tent doors facing Center to the tabernacle. God's plan is for us to focus on Him not on the possible enemy attacks. God will guard our back as we keep our eyes on Jesus. I was becoming so sad for the people I have listed on this blog who are not receiving prayer for healing. Jesus plan is not for me to focus on the problems of the world but on Jesus and then He will touch people through me. Peace. Love. All will be an overflow. Now when I think of sick children or hurting souls I have relief instead of burden. I don't have the strength anyway to fight these demonic strongholds...but Jesus has already defeated the enemy and He is in control.

Friday, December 5, 2008

flu symptom disappear Miracle 8

So, Jesus said wait...listen..move. That was a challenge for me...The kids were content I was doing the dishes. Prime moment to call someone who needs healing and ask if I can pray for them. Remembering though that Jesus healed all who reached out to Him for a miracle not necessarily the other way around. So I waited. The phone rang..."Will you pray for me I have the flu and my body is aching all over: my joints in my hips knees and elbows are hurting so badly" Jesus healed the achiness. It disappeared as soon as she received prayer. She still had the stuffy head but not the pain. Thank you Jesus for your love to people and your character of healing touches!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jesus wants me to listen to Him not busily carry out any agenda. He has some very important things to say! There are so many who need His love and grace I could go crazy reaching out to them all. wait...listen...move...
Is it Andy the homeless guy? Is it the guy at the gas station who is crippled? Who Jesus? When Jesus? You asked Bartimaus What do you want me to do for you? Jesus, make me your clothes. You move. I go along. But thank you for wanting my participation too. I trust you. Why did you tell me to go talk to my Grampa? That scares me....but you did say to consider weaknesses as strengths and strengths as weaknesses. I could go up to a homeless man easily but to my Grampa not so much so. Jesus you are just so cool!!!!! This is so much fun....I am listening with anticipation! I am running to do Your work but I won't let go of Your hand. I love you Jesus. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!