Sunday, December 21, 2008

miser turned blesser Miracle 21

A friend was overtaken with bitterness toward a man who was treating him unfairly. I am keeping the details private but the story is an amazing one. This was my friends worst week of his life. He had done something remarkable and instead of being appreciated he was being reamed out. My friend prayed for two days and couldn't shake this resentment. So finally he told God I will not stop praying until this spirit leaves me. 45 minutes later he found himself declaring praise to God that this resentment was not a part of who he is. He declared that his heart was perfect toward this man because his spirit was righteous in God's eyes because of the finished work on the Cross of Christ. Instantly he was freed from the feelings of bitterness. 20 minutes later he received a phone call from the man. The man showered him with blessing and appreciation. Praise God that when we come in line with our true identity in Christ the enemy cannot hold us and God will also release others around us!

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