Sunday, December 21, 2008

healed from restless leg syndrome Miracle 22

I have suffered from RLS for years. I am becoming accustomed to God's healing power so instead of taking medication the past two nights I suffered through the "torture" and pressed into God for my healing. Each night I received revelation about where this spirit of restlessness comes on me. Both nights I went go from a 0 to a 10 in one second when a certain thing occurs. I continued in prayer praise reading meditating pleading for hours the first night and one hour last night. Each night I was released when I declared a certain passage of scripture and meditated on the blessings and promises to me in Ezekiel. I am going to continue to receive healing IF restlessness comes on me again but it is a wonder that I could have the symptoms of RLS disappear through meditation on truth instead of medication. With medication I am tied to that every night. This way there is hope of not only healing of RLS but healing of the soul issues that cause the symptoms to occur. Praise you Jesus!

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