Tuesday, December 16, 2008

boy healed of fever Healing 17

Praise you Jesus....I am thrilled to share this testimony. Normally in the past when my son would get a fever and chills it turned into an asthmatic attack which caused me to freak out when he would even slightly shiver. This day I realized that it was a spirit of retaliation from the day. All day he had been attacked with visions of seeing himself receiving a shot like at the doctors office. These visions were really upsetting for him. We prayed and saw little relief. That evening he suddenly came down with chills and a fever and a headache. As I looked at the situation from a spiritual perspective not a physical one I had peace instead of anxiety. I realized that the enemy was retaliating against us because of what I taught them in school that morning. Jesus was sleeping in the boat during the storm. The disciples woke him to rescue them. Jesus really wanted them to use their own "badge" as I decribed to the kids of authority but He rescued them despite their immature faith in who they really were. Our enemy did not want Will to understand and live out the truth of his role in Kingdom warfare. My friend was led to pray for Will and teach him about our spiritual armor which by the way is already on permanently. Look it up in the Greek. It is fascinating. Anyway I prayed against spirits of retaliation that do not want my son to walk in Jesus deliverance power. He is totally fever free!!!! Praise you Jesus.

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